14th Sunday of the Year – Year C

Sunday Parking Charges

As you know, Edinburgh City Council are currently discussing the proposal to introduce Sunday parking charges in the city. This move could potentially have a devastating effect on the life and viability of the city centre churches. Specifically, it could have a terrible effect on our Cathedral.

The Cathedral Parish Council has been in touch with all four of our local Councillors to express our concerns about this proposal and we have managed to secure meetings with Cllr. Doran (Labour), Cllr. Mowat (Conservative) and Cllr. Rankin (SNP). Unfortunately, Cllr. Miller (Green) would not agree to meet with us (!)

In preparation for these meetings we would like to gather some information from you about the potential impact of the introduction of Sunday Parking Charges. Would you, therefore, please take a couple of minutes to fill in the forms that you have been given as you came in today and hand them back before you leave Church. Alternatively you can find the form on the website: https://www.stmaryscathedral.co.uk/sunday-parking

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God bless you all,

Fr Patrick, Fr Jamie, Sr. Mary Simone and Deacon Peter

Read the newsletter for 6th July 2019 (doc)

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