15th Sunday of the Year - Year C

Sunday Parking Charges

Edinburgh City Council is currently discussing the proposal to introduce Sunday parking charges in the city. This move could potentially have a devastating effect on the life and viability of the city centre churches. Specifically, it could have a terrible effect on our Cathedral. If you didn’t fill in a form last week , would you please take a couple of minutes to fill one in today and hand it back before you leave Church. It’s also on our website: www.stmaryscathedral.co.uk/sunday-parking

Disabled Parking

On a related issue – the Council is also planning to drastically reduce the amount of Disabled Parking around the Cathedral (to two spaces!!). One of their proposals has been that parking might be provided for the Disabled in the new car park under the new St. James’ Centre (on a permit basis). If you have a disabled badge and would like to be considered in the future for a Parking Permit (for attending Mass) could you please put your name on the lists at the back of the Church.

List of Volunteers

We have decided to try to build up a database of people who are willing to help out at events at the Cathedral on an occasional basis. If you do not have the time to sit on committees etc. but would be willing to help out from time to time at Cathedral social events or big occasions – could you please put your name and contact details on the forms at the back of the Church. The idea is that, when we have a big event on at the Cathedral and have to have people to help with handing out drinks or setting up the Hall. we would send round an email asking the people on our Volunteers list if they are free and can volunteer for that event. Do please give it a thought – it would really help!

God bless you all,

Fr Patrick, Fr Jamie, Sr. Mary Simone and Deacon Peter

Download the newsletter for 14th July 2019 (doc)

Download the newsletter for14th July 2019 (pdf)