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Easter Vigil with the Archbishop

By most ancient tradition, this is the night of keeping vigil for the Lord (Ex 12:42), in which, following the Gospel admonition (Lk 12:35-37), the faithful, carrying lighted candles in their hands, should be like those looking for the Lord when he returns, so that at his coming he may find them awake and have them sit at  his table.

The Easter Vigil is the greatest and most noble of all solemnities. It is arranged in such a way that after the Lucernarium and Easter Proclamation (which constitutes the first part of this Vigil), Holy Church meditates on the wonders the Lord God have done for his people from the beginning, trusting in his word and promise (the second part, that is the Liturgy of the Word), until, as day approaches, with new members being received into Full Communion with the Church or receiving the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation (the third part), the Church is called to the table the Lord has prepared for his people, the memorial of his Death and Resurrection until he comes again (the fourth part).

The entire celebration of the Easter Vigil must take place during the night, so that it begins after nightfall and ends before daybreak on the Sunday.

Please join us at St Mary’s Cathedral for this spectacular celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection!

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